QC Read and Understood for Confluence Cloud

QC Read and Understood for Confluence Cloud is a confluence add-on available from the Atlassian marketplace .

One of the simplest and most effective ways of verifying training on procedures is to confirm that a user has read and understood an authorised document.

This plugin enables the users to confirm that they have read and understood a document.

It’s ideal for businesses that need a record of employee acceptance for compliance and auditing purposes.



The plugin can be installed from the Atlassian marketplace .

The plugin in only available for Confluence Cloud instances.

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The users can use the byline control button QC – RnU. The user have the option to approve the page by ‘Read and Understood’ or to ‘Revoke’ the approval.

It is possible to review all the approvals of a page by either clicking from the page menu ‘QC – Read and Understood Overview‘ or by using the macro qc-read-and-understood-macro-table .

The plugin records the time and the version of the page that the user reviewed. The macro table highlights when the users did not approve the latest version of the page by marking the status to “ACCEPTED OLD VERSION“.

Macro commands


The {qc-read-and-understood-macro-table} displays a table with all all the users who accepted a page .

The table contains the Approver’s name, Approval Status, Approval date and last approved version.


  • qc-content : Page Title . Autocomplete field for search on page titles.



 Screen Shot 2018-08-01 at 14.12.13.png